Origami Basket by Kazukuni Endo 遠藤和邦

Origami Basket by Kazukuni Endo 遠藤和邦 via @paper_kawaii

I’ve been really slack with Easter this year, I hope to spend more time making ducks and chicks and things, but I at least wanted to make a nice origami basket.

This one is by Kazukuni Endo (遠藤和邦) I made it using 6×6 paper. Would have been easier with 8×8 solid colour paper.

This is my first attempt at the model, it is kind of hard, but I worked it out pretty good. Maybe medium difficulty.  Its really good as you get 2 pockets on the inside that flowers could be tucked into… or bunnies… eggs etc..

This diagram is from Quarterly ORU Folding Diagrams Vol.1

Download Kazukuni Endo Basket diagram

I will update this if I do this basket again, bigger.

Here it is, I used green card 25×25, it was too thick, I think paper would be better, the basket is big enough to hold only 1 Cadbury cream egg! big enough for many tiny eggs.

I left out the last part of the handle folding because the card was too thick. And I also stapled the handle rather than all that folding at the end.

Origami Basket by Kazukuni Endo 遠藤和邦 via @paper_kawaii

As you can see it has really cute pockets ^_^

Origami Basket by Kazukuni Endo 遠藤和邦 via @paper_kawaii


Please let me know if you need any more info, and any problems, please send to me a photo of your basket, I would love to post it here!!




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