Origami Pumpkin Bag Video Instructions

Learn how to make a cute origami pumpkin bag with these easy to follow step by step video instructions.

These cute little bags only take a few minutes to make. This is also a great DIY project for kids to make in the fall and winter season – it’s easy enough for primary school aged kids.

Origami Pumpkin Bag Video Instructions via @paper_kawaii

You can draw on a scary face or use black washi tape and cut out a face to stick on, as well as secure the bag at the top. You could also use a hole punch and use some green or black ribbon to tie the top together.

You can keep lots of candies in the halloween bag, would make a great trick or treat gift bag. Give one to your friends at school!

Level: ★★★☆☆

You will need:

-1 sheet of square origami paper, preferable orange coloured.
-Washi tape – to secure the top.

Designer: Kamikey Origami.

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