Modular Origami Star of the Four Seasons Instructions

This modular origami star is inspired by the colour of the four seasons.

These pretty origami stars would look great on their own or attached to greetings cards or hung up on a string. Use different coloured origami paper to achieve different effects.

Modular Origami Star of the Four Seasons Instructions via @paper_kawaii

This origami model is folded from the same base. Only the winter inside-out is different.

By changing the folding of the central portion, the end result will be quite different.

It’s so interesting with origami, a small change creates such a different effect.

Even though you need to use a little bit of glue at the end, I think it’s worth it.

Modular Origami Star

You will need:

– 8 sheets of paper for each origami star.
– glue.

Designer: Kamikey Origami.

To see my original post in Japanese, click here.

If you enjoy modular origami, check out the Modular Origami section of this website.

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